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About Me

Why do I do what I do:

We all at some point in our lives, have wanted to love and be loved.

We have read epic stories on the power of love and the miracles it brings in our lives.

And then we meet a dog and everything changes!

From the soulful eyes, to goofy expressions, to simple games of fetch, the attention seeking barks. And many a midnight slurry kisses or a hungry growl - this is a love - that touches the deepest core of your being - to be able to look into your pups eyes and feel a love that can never be spoken of.

And just like that - Bella happened to me.

How does one encapsulate a life - so deeply connected with each other. How do you hold memories if its only in your mind. How do you hold and cherish that look, those heart melting pure eyes and warm smile which holds all the happiness of yours to ransom.

I am a creator of those memories for you. Just like the way a tear rolled down my cheek when I saw a huge 24 inches by 36 inches of a canvas print come out of its packaging - I want to be that person - who gives you this experience. I want to be your pet's photographer.

I am a photographer but more that than I am the person who creates memories that will last you a life time - hanging on a wall - looking at you - and making you smile.

Dont let this moment go - call to book your photoshoot

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